$2.37 Million For Crash Victim In Cross-Over Collision


The New York Injury & Malpractice Law Firm, P.C. recovered $2.37 million for the 48-year old victim of a head-on crash that occurred on State Route 32 in the City of Kingston, Ulster County, New York.

The injury victim was the driver of an ambulance that was struck head-on by a vehicle in a 55-mile per hour zone on State Route 32. The 18-year old defendant blamed the plaintiff for crossing over into his lane, while the plaintiff had no memory and there were no witnesses. The police blamed the plaintiff for crossing over into the defendants’ lane of travel and causing the wreck.

According to the plaintiff’s reconstruction expert, the physical evidence at the crash scene was consistent with a point of impact in the plaintiff’s lane of travel. There were gouges and skid marks in the plaintiff’s lane of travel that were not consistent with the defendant’s testimony that the plaintiff’s ambulance veered suddenly into the defendant’s lane.

At arbitration in Manhattan, the three panel arbitrators awarded the plaintiff $4.4 million in damages and assigned 53% of the negligence against the defendant. The plaintiff’s recovery will provide for the purchase of the real property where he operates his mid-town Kingston pizzeria and funding for his retirement.

$2.37 Million for Crash Victim in Cross-Over Collision