$675K For Failing To Diagnose Post-Operative Bleed In Middletown, New York


31-year old male died 2 days after his discharge from the hospital following a gastric bypass surgery in Orange County, New York.

During the 2 days following the operation, the patient had a drop in his blood values (hemoglobin and hematocrit), blood pressure and an increase in his heart rate (tachycardia). The changes in the patient’s blood values and vital signs should have prompted testing for a post-operative hemorrhage.

Rather than checking for a post-operative hemorrhage with an abdominal CT scan, the surgeon discharged the patient from the hospital. 2 days later, the patient died of a hemorrhage from the site of the gastric bypass surgery. Roughly half of the patient’s total blood volume was found near the surgical site during the autopsy.

The case settled for $675k. The settlement funds will provide for a structured settlement trust for the patient’s widow and provide monthly payments for the loss of earnings.

$675k for Failing to Diagnose Post-Operative Bleed in Middletown, NY