$800K For Death Of 65 Year Old From Perforated Peptic Ulcer

$800,000 for the death of a 65 year old retired custodian in Hudson, NY, arising from the failure to detect and treat a peptic ulcer. 65 year old had repeated visits to his primary care physician and a gastroenterologist with complaints of epigastric pain, vomiting and nausea.  An abdominal CT scan revealed signs of a peptic ulcer in the decedent’s stomach and duodenum, which was ignored by the treating physicians.The untreated peptic ulcer eventually perforated, causing peritonitis and the emptying of the stomach contents into the peritoneum.  Two operations to repair the stomach perforation were not successful in saving the 65 year old’s life, who was survived by his widow and adult children.

$800,000 for death of 65 year old from untreated peptic ulcer in Hudson, NY