$900K For Erb’s Palsy Sustained By Newborn At Birth

Birth Injury

A two year old infant recovered $900,000 for a brachial plexus injury sustained at birth at the Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, New York. The lawsuit was venued in Dutchess County, Supreme Court.

The mother’s prenatal course was unremarkable and she was admitted to deliver her baby near her estimated due date at Vassar Brothers Hospital. During the delivery, the obstetrician pulled on the baby’s head, known as “traction”, and the newborn was diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy, a nerve injury to the nerves extending from the cervical spine down the arm. The injured nerves are known as the brachial plexus.

The baby was eventually treated by world-renowned Erb’s Palsy physician, Rahul Nath, M.D., at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas and Dr. Nath performed an operation called a “mod quod” in order to improve the child’s movement of his arm. Despite the surgery and the possibility of future surgery, the child will have permanent limitations in the range of motion of his arm.

John Fisher handle all aspects of the lawsuit.