Why Can’t I Handle My Case Without A Lawyer?

You could, but it would be a huge mistake.

Insurance companies operate under three basic principles: Deny, Delay and Defend. Once you accept this fact, you will begin to understand why it is virtually impossible for a non-lawyer to handle a lawsuit without a lawyer.

Doctors and hospitals almost never admit fault, even with the most obvious medical errors. It is extremely rare that a doctor or hospital’s representatives will admit wrongdoing and owe up to their mistakes. You have a better chance of winning Mega Millionaire before a physician will acknowledge a mistake.

The doctors and hospitals in malpractice lawsuits often conspire together to present the “United Front”, meaning that they will not blame each other. Such private “behind closed door” agreements will always be concealed from you. However, you better expect that even before you file a lawsuit or notify the physician that you are considering a malpractice lawsuit, the doctors and their lawyers are huddling together to devise a plan to defeat the imminent lawsuit by blaming you.

You have no chance of success without an experienced trial attorney and in particular, a trial attorney who dedicates his practice to malpractice litigation. Just as you would not want a heart surgeon to operate on your brain, you do not want a criminal defense lawyer handling your medical malpractice case. RESEARCH the lawyers who have the most experience in medical malpractice litigation.