Why Is A Home Visit From Your Lawyer Crucial To Your Case In Kingston, New York?

If your lawyer isn’t visiting you in your home, you should find a new lawyer. It’s that simple.

To fully understand the impact that the injuries have had upon your life, a home visit is indispensable. For disabled clients, your attorney will better appreciate how you get out of bed in the morning, what it takes to get you to the bathroom and why sleeping involves little sleep. There is no way this can be appreciated at a visit to your lawyer’s office.

If your lawyer doesn’t come to your house (at least once) there is no way your lawyer can appreciate the full extent of your disability and be an effective advocate for you. My advice to young lawyers (and some old one’s) is go to your client’s home, have a meal with them and try to appreciate how different their life has become. If your lawyer is not willing to come to your home and share a meal with you, there’s a good chance it’s time to find a new lawyer.