How Can You Help Me?

The biggest way that I can help a new client calling with a potential medical malpractice case is by GETTING ANSWERS for you.

You have questions about the medical care that you or a family member received, and our job is to answer your questions. The first step is taking as much information about the facts from you, and then, after you provide us with permission to get the medical records, we will request all of the relevant medical records relating to the malpractice. After we get the medical records from the doctors and hospitals, we review the records and often we will consult by telephone with a physician about your case.

After we have all of the medical records and consult with a physician, we are then ready to give you the answers about your potential case. Our goal is to help make you a better informed client about the medical care received by you or your loved one. We want you to know the good and bad points of your potential case, and make sure that the information that you provide us during telephone interviews is confirmed in the medical records.

On occasion, new clients will point out facts that I overlooked and did not consider in my evaluation. This occurs most frequently with clients who have obtained the medical records on their own and reviewed the records before contacting us. I encourage our clients to be as familiar with the medical records and the medical conditions at issue in the potential case, as it makes my job easier.

At the end of the day, if you leave our office more informed and knowledgeable about what happened, we have accomplished our goal. This is our job.