What Do I Do If My Lawyer Promises Me The Moon?

Run for the door! Many lawyers promise a huge settlement to their new clients for one reason: they want the new case and their promises of high dollar figures always impress new clients. New clients are always impressed by the high figures tossed around by their lawyer and they leave the first meeting with their lawyer convinced that they will win the jackpot.

If this happens to you, again, RUN FOR THE DOOR! It is impossible for a lawyer to estimate the value of your case when you first meet with him. The lawyer is almost always unable to assess the permanency of your injuries, whether you will have long-term complications and difficulties, or whether there will be problems proving negligence against the wrongdoer. Furthermore, usually the attorney will be unaware of factors that could strongly affect your case, such as whether the defendant has liability insurance coverage. All of these things will affect how much, if any money will be recovered in your case.

Good lawyers will never tell new clients how much money they can expect to receive from their case. This is irresponsible and designed to accomplish one thing: convince you that the lawyer is the right person to handle your case. Be very wary of lawyers who promise you the moon. There are no guarantees in personal injury litigation.