What If My Lawyer Won’t Return My Phone Calls?

There might be a good reason. If the lawyer is busy in trial on another case, you want the lawyer to be completely focused on that case, and he should not be returning phone messages during the trial.

Suggestion: If you are having trouble getting your lawyer to return your phone messages, ask for an appointment to meet with your lawyer face to face at his office. Good lawyers usually meet with their clients, or at least speak over the phone with their clients, at least once every two or three months to get updates about their client’s medical treatment. If your lawyer is not willing to meet with you, you should find a new lawyer.

At the meeting with your lawyer, ask him to give you an update about everything that he has done with your file since you last spoke. You may want to ask: Have depositions been scheduled and if so, when will they be held? Have all discovery demands and responses been exchanged among that attorneys? When will you file a note of issue requesting a trial date? If the lawyer does not give clear answers to these questions, you need to find out why because it may be time to find a new lawyer.

You should ask your lawyer to provide you with all of the discovery responses and demands that have been exchanged among the lawyers. You are entitled to these documents, and the lawyer should be grateful that you want to know as much as possible about your case. A well-informed client has far fewer needs and places fewer demands upon the lawyer.