Why Might Speaking About my Case be The Worst Thing I Can Do?

Injured victims in a medical malpractice lawsuit are often bombarded with questions from family members and friends about their case.  Client “X” may be asked by friends, “How much are you suing for? It better be a lot–just remember that old lady who spilt McDonald’s coffee on her lap and recovered millions.”

One piece of simple advice: Do not talk to anyone, but your lawyer, about your case. This ends all of the speculation about your case and the rumor mill shuts down.  If you tell others about your injuries and what happened to you, the defense lawyers will have a treasure trove of potential witnesses willing to tell them about the inconsistencies in your story. While it may not seem likely to Client “X” that his/her spouse will reveal private communications, couples split up and Client “X”s husband might like nothing more than to ruin her case.

If you speak only to your lawyer about your case AND NO ONE ELSE, you eliminate the possibility that your friends or family members may reveal important tidbits about your case to the private investigator hired by the insurance company.