How Do I Pick The Right Lawyer For My Case?

If you have to undergo a brain operation, would you want a heart surgeon? Of course not! The heart surgeon may be world renowned and extraordinarily skilled at operating on the heart, but what does he know about operating on the brain? This same principle applies to lawyers.

If your case involved brain damage to a baby caused by trauma at birth, then interview lawyers and ask them: How many brain damaged baby cases have you handled? What percentage of your law practice is devoted to medical malpractice case? What percentage of your law practice is devoted to representing children harmed at birth? Have you handled trials involving babies injured at birth? What is the total number of cases you have handled involving babies injured at birth?

The lawyer may respond that half of his time is dedicated to malpractice cases and the only half is spent on criminal defense cases. That’s not bad, but he is not the best attorney for your case. The ideal answer that you want from the lawyer is: My practice is devoted exclusively to medical malpractice, I have handled dozens of brain damaged baby cases in my career and I am currently handling several brain damaged baby cases. This is your man!

For years the slogan of Kentucky Fried Chicken has been that they do only one thing: chicken. The same principle applies to your selection of a lawyer. Keep this in mind when you are looking for a lawyer.

Insurance carriers know that the “TV law firms” are going to settle for pennies on the dollar, and they will also know that reputable litigation law firms will try to maximize the value of the case by going to trial. Lesson: Hire the “TV law firms” at your own peril.