Should I Remove Any Postings From My Facebook Page In Kingston, New York?

You wouldn’t believe what people put on their Facebook profile!

It might be a photo of you playing tennis in Cancun or climbing a rock wall on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Social Media sites, like Facebook, are loaded with potentially damaging photos, video and text in injury cases and guess what? Defense lawyers are just scouring your social media sites to get the goods on you. Once the defense lawyers discover the damaging goods on your Facebook profile, the photos, video and text of you skiing in the Alps just became the ammunition that they will use against your case.

You should have a candid discussion with your lawyer about your social media sites. At a minimum, take the damaging photos, video and text off the public profile of Facebook so it is not accessible to the public.

Discovery of damaging information on social media sites is the biggest threat to your case. Make sure your lawyer is aware of all of the bad content on your social media sites and take care of this issue before the defense lawyers get their hands on it.

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