What Can You Do To Get The Special Services Your Disabled Child Needs In Kingston, New York?

In the best case scenario, there is a dedicated parent to manage and supervise access to services and other needs–medical appointments, additional therapy, and discussions with the school about the education plan.  But in many cases the parents are not equipped or inclined to advocate for their child’s needs.  These parents are not involved in the development of the Individualized Education Plan, they don’t seek out additional therapies, services and equipment to supplement school-based support.

What can a parent do when he/she doesn’t have the time or knowledge to advocate for a handicapped child?  An experienced case manager and/or a licensed clinical social worker is the answer.  A case manager serves in lieu of a Medicaid service coordinator in those cases where families are not equipped, either for lack of education, lack of interest, or lack of time, to develop and oversee a plan of care.

Medicaid funded case managers/service coordinators are well intentioned, but overworked and often very inexperienced. Case managers help keep the Medicaid service coordinators on track.  In many ways, a case manager does what an engaged and proactive parent would do to ensure that all potential services have been explored. Even well educated parents may want assistance from experienced case manager advocates.

Simply put, money does not equal quality of life.  Money plus advocacy equals quality of life. A lot of money for a handicapped child, but no advocacy, accomplishes little to improve the child’s life.  A case manager may be the best investment you can make for a handicapped child whose parent lacks the knowledge or commitment to advocate for the child’s needs.

How you can learn more about case managers

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