What Is A Lien And Why Should I Care About It?

Medicare and Medicaid will likely have tgeur hands out for their money if you recover in your case.

By federal law, Medicare and Medicaid have a lien to recover and any expenses they have paid relating to the injuries that you sustained arising from malpractice. This means that Medicare and/or Medicaid will likely want a piece of the money that you recover in your lawsuit if they have expended money for your medical expenses. In order to do so, they may impose what is known as a lien to recover monies paid to you.

Instead of waiting until the end of your case to address liens, your lawyer should work on finding out whether there will be a lien and the amount of the lien early in your case. You should ask your attorney: “Are there any liens, and if so, how much are they?”. You want to know how much you will have to pay Medicare or Medicaid at the end of your case. If you lawyer is unable to answer these questions, you should be concerned.