Will You Be The Lawyer In Your Law Firm Handling My Case In Kingston, New York?

It sounds crazy. When you hire the best malpractice lawyer in your town, little did you know that he was going to pass your case off to the junior associate right out of law school. You think you hired the top malpractice lawyer in the state, and it turns out you got a 20-something newbie lawyer learning on the fly.

You need to be very direct with your lawyer at the first meeting by asking: “Will you be handling my case or another lawyer at your firm? Will you handle all of the depositions and trial? If I have questions or want to meet about my case, will I be able to meet with you?”

Don’t hold back. You may find out that Mr. Junior Associate is waiting in the wings to handle your case and you are a guinea pig to get experience for the new lawyer.

You may discover that your lawyer has no intention of handling the depositions or trial and he is just there to “meet and greet” you and then pass your case off to the new lawyer. Just make sure you are crystal clear and direct when you press for answers about the lawyer who will be handling your case and little tip, don’t be afraid to get it in writing from your lawyer.

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