People come to John Fisher because they are in crisis: either themselves or a loved one has been wronged. In a calm and caring way he listens to you and responds like an expert friend

Nancy Stehle, Brooklyn, New York

I know the client is in good hands with you. Likewise I know you are making sure there is an ‘A’ case. That is why you are the go-to lawyer for me and many others no doubt.”

When I asked to publish Skip Simpson’s kind words, this was his response:
“John, please feel free to publish any comment you wish. I don’t make those comments for any reason other than they are the truth. I only wish the public knew our profession has many fine hard working men and women who became lawyers because they wanted to help others.

Skip Simpson, Esq., Frisco, Texas

This amazing man is far more than attorney.

Sarah Miller, Bennington, Vermont

I have worked closely with Mr. Fisher and have found him to be one of the most conscientious, skilled and committed lawyers I have known during my career.

Mark Greenberg, Esq., Hudson , New York

He gave us a gift. The gift was not leave us languishing for weeks in our pain before receiving an answer. We are grateful for his honesty, integrity, diligence and professionalism.

Marlene A. Schillinger, Snyder, New York

Love your professionalism and dedication and sensitivity to clients.

Rebecca Millouras-Lettre, Esq., Kingston, New York

“Recently I was doing research on the internet on Medicare liens and I came upon a piece John Fisher wrote. In addition I also used the chat feature and corresponded with a wonderful women regarding my 77 year old mom’s slip and fall case which resulted in a broken hip. She assured me that Mr. Fisher was the person who would be able to assist me with information and that he would contact me shortly. Well John Fisher contacted me the same day.”

“I stated in my title of this review that John Fisher was a man with a higher calling. He spoke with me about my mom’s case, gave me advice and facts and gave me his telephone number and assured me I could speak to him at any time if I had more questions. He then called me a couple of days later to follow up with me, and he returned my phone calls, without expecting any monetary reward. This is truly a man with integrity who believes in justice and fairness for all!”

Lisa Gomes, Whitestone, New York

I have a great deal of respect for your craftsmanship and how you went about dealing with this rather difficult and complicated case. You deserve all the credit.

Maria D. Lifrak, Ph.D., Albany, New York
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