Why Fluid Around the Heart is Deadly Serious

Health, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Cardiac tamponade caused dysfunction of the heart due to fluid around the heart. Cardiac tamponade causes decreased cardiac output. The...

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When a Headache Can be Deadly Serious

Blog, Misdiagnosis, Symptoms and Diagnosis

A minor brain bleed prior to major aneurysmal rupture is a common occurrence and, if unrecognized, is associated with a...

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The Difference Between a Simple Ovarian Cyst and a Complex Ovarian Cyst

Cancer, Symptoms and Diagnosis

It’s not common, but ovarian cysts can be malignant. Most ovarian cysts are benign, especially those that develop before menopause....

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Beware of the Danger of a Spinal Stroke

Spine and Back, Stroke, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Spinal cord infarction is a stroke within the spinal cord or the arteries that supply it. Spinal strokes occur when...

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