What You Should Know Your Rights As A Victim Of Medical Malpractice In Kingston, New York

There is one reason why you are visiting this website…and it’s not what most think.

Are you here for money or justice? No, not quite.

The real reason you’re here is you want the ANSWER TO A SINGLE QUESTION:  Did a doctor’s mistake cause an injury to your loved one was that preventable?

But getting an answer to this question is not always simple.  The medical records of your family member may be complex and impossible to make sense of—sometimes just getting a copy of the medical records is a battle.  You’ve never done this before, but you sense the doctor made a mistake that caused an injury so you want answers.

Our mission is to do one thing for you: Provide Clear Answers to your Complex Medical Malpractice Questions.  The answers may not always be what you want. In some cases, the bad outcome was an unavoidable complication of a risky operation or perhaps you made a complete recovery from the doctor’s mistake.  In hindsight, maybe the doctor did everything he was supposed to do.

But even when the answer is not exactly what you wanted to hear, you’ve still accomplished one thing: peace of mind. Yes, the peace of mind knowing that you investigated the case, got the medical records and had a careful review of the records done by a lawyer and his staff and a team of doctors.  You didn’t just ignore the questions stirring around inside your head, you got answers and now you can sleep better at night.

Providing Clear Answers to your Complex Medical Malpractice Questions is what you will get. But where do you start?

You should start by getting a copy of our book, The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Malpractice Victims.  This book was written in plain, simple questions to answer your questions. “What do you do when the hospital won’t give you the medical records?”  It’s in the book.  “How do you file a complaint against a physician for violating your rights?  The answers are waiting for you in the book.  Just about every question you have at this moment is answered in the book.  Read the book and there’s a good chance your questions will be answered.

You can get the book by simply leaving your name and email address on the opt-in box on the home page of our website and instantly you’ll receive a free e-book of the Seven Deadly Mistakes of Malpractice Victims.  And if you want a hard copy of our book, just send an email to us at jfisher@fishermalpracticelaw.com and we will mail the book to you.  If you are a New York resident, the book will be mailed to you at no charge.

And just keep in mind, if you want to discuss your case, you can always call us.  Even if you’re not sure if you have a case, or just have questions about medical care received by a family member, we always welcome your call.

Answers are right around the corner for you.  But you have to take action. It’s time to get the answers you deserve!