The MOST IMPORTANT Question To Ask Your Lawyer In Kingston, NY

Question: How many cases just like your case has your lawyer handled before?

Answer: Most injury victims do NO research about their lawyer. Big Mistake!

When you buy a used car, you shop around at two or three car dealerships, take a few cars for a ride and kick the tires, right? But when most injury victims hire a lawyer, they just call the first one they happen to spot in phone book or on a TV ad. Very few injury victims will take the time to research their lawyer. This is the biggest mistake you can make.

You want to ask your lawyer: “How many cases just like mine have you handled before? How much of your law practice is dedicated to medical malpractice? When is the last time you handled a case like mine? What settlements and judgments have you received in cases like mind? When is the last time you had a medical malpractice settlement or judgment?”

But you’re just starting. Once you get answers from your lawyer, ask other lawyers in the community about your lawyer. What is his reputation? Is he honest and live by his word? Review peer review lawyer websites like Martindale-Hubbell or to find out whether your lawyer is ranked by other lawyers and judges.

You might be surprised by the results. Your lawyer might have the worst reputation in the world and you would never have known if you didn’t take a little time to do the research about him. Do the research about your lawyer—it’s the best step you can take for your case.