Who Decides Whether To Settle Your Case In Kingston, New York?

Question: Who decides whether to settle your case?

Answer: You are the boss and you always have complete and sole authority to decide whether to settle.

No one can force you to settle your case. As your lawyer, I am acting only as your agent, which means I give you advice and recommendations…but I can never tell you to settle if you don’t want to.

When a settlement offer is made, I will give you a recommendation. The recommendation will be that you either accept or reject the offer. I will give you guidance as to the value of the case and the settlement that best reflects the value of your case. But keep in mind one thing: you always have the right to reject my advice.

If I recommend that you accept the settlement offer, it’s perfectly okay if you say “NO”. It’s your life and your money. If you lose at trial, I just move on to the next case. Your decision to settle will have little impact on me.

I’ve been doing this a long time and you hired me to give you advice and guidance through the lawsuit. It would not be a smart move to ignore my advice, but if you do, that’s your right and I will always respect your decision.

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