Advancements in medical science, technology, and general practices have substantially reduced both infant mortality overall and the unique risks that the process of childbirth may pose to mother and child. However, there are still many complications that can cause serious and life-threatening harm to a pregnant woman or fetus. These are all things which a qualified physician should be able to promptly identify and treat.

As a seasoned birth injury attorney could explain, a doctor who fails to identify a dangerous condition like a placental abruption could be legally liable for any physical, financial, and personal harm that a patient suffers because of their misconduct. If you or your child were hurt by this type of condition and you suspect a physician’s negligence is to blame, contacting an Albany placental abruption lawyer to discuss legal options should be a top priority.

What Is a Placental Abruption?

Abruption is a medical term used to refer to a body part separating unnaturally from another part, so a placental abruption involves the placenta prematurely detaching from the uterine wall during pregnancy. A placental abruption can be partial or complete, referring to the degree to which the placenta is physically disconnected from the uterus; and it can be categorized as “revealed” or “concealed” based on the amount of vaginal bleeding it causes.

In addition to bleeding, identifiable symptoms of a placental abruption may include:

  • Uterine tenderness
  • Contractions that are more intense and last longer than typical contractions during labor
  • Pain in the abdomen and/or back
  • Decreased movement from the fetus

This type of condition occurs in about one percent of pregnancies, typically in the third trimester but sometimes as early as 20 weeks. Mothers who are older than 35 years old, have a history of smoking or other drug use, have high blood pressure, and/or sustain abdominal trauma or injury while pregnant are considered at higher risk of suffering placental abruptions, as a seasoned Albany attorney could affirm.

Holding an Albany Physician Liable for a Placental Abruption

Placental abruptions do not typically stem directly from a doctor’s reckless or careless act in the same way that a surgical error or an injury to an infant during childbirth might. However, physicians who care for pregnant woman are expected to know the signs of a possible placental abruption, diagnose this condition accurately if it arises, and take prompt corrective action in order to minimize harm to mother and child.

A doctor who misdiagnoses a placental abruption as another condition, incorrectly assumes nothing is actually wrong, or ignores a pregnant woman’s complaints of pain or other symptoms may have violated the standard of care. This means they failed to act the way that an equally qualified and experienced physician likely would have under identical or similar circumstances. A placental abruption lawyer in Albany could examine the circumstances surrounding this sort of injury and provide guidance about whether legal action may be appropriate.

Learn How an Albany Placental Abruption Attorney Could Help

A doctor who allows a pregnant woman or her baby to suffer preventable harm from a placental abruption may hold financial liability for both economic and non-economic losses stemming from that condition. This often includes medical bills, lost work income, physical and psychological pain, and lost quality of life. However, recovering fairly and comprehensively for losses like this can be next to impossible without support from a malpractice attorney.

Working closely with an Albany placental abruption lawyer could make a huge difference in your likelihood of getting a positive case outcome. Call today to learn more.