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Anesthesia Errors, Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Common Anesthesia Errors Due to New York Medical Malpractice

As an Albany medical malpractice lawyer, I know that one of the worst types of New York medical malpractice are anesthesia errors.  This is because most people do not actually think about an anesthesia error to cause an injury.  Most people think of surgeons slipping with a scalpel, or OB-GYNs causing injuries to babies.  This is because anesthesiologists are kind of in the background of healthcare sometimes, and many times before a surgery you will only meet with an anesthesiologist for a brief moment because the surgery begins.  

Which is really scary when you think about it.

The anesthesiologist is responsible for your life and is more likely to cause wrongful death than the surgery.  Anesthesia itself is a powerful combination of drugs which paralyze you, sedate you, and numb you.  They are the same drugs used to legally execute prisoners in some states, just much higher doses.  Which is why an overdose is such a scary proposition—and it happens.

There are many different potential causes of anesthesia errors due to New York medical malpractice which could result in serious personal injury.  Some common anesthesia errors resulting in serious personal injuries or wrongful death that I have seen has an Albany medical malpractice lawyer include the following:

  • PCA pump malfunctions;
  • Overdoses;
  • Negligent pre-op evaluations;
  • Failing to monitor the patient correctly;
  • Improper IV insertion;
  • Failing to incubate the patient properly;
  • Failing to negotiate co-morbidities like high blood pressure, low blood pressure, or diabetes;
  • Mixing the wrong dosages;
  • Improperly administering anesthesia; and
  • Other serious errors.

When a healthcare provider fails to administer anesthesia in an appropriate manner, it can result in serious personal injury or wrongful death which could affect a person and an family’s entire life.  These mistakes can cause high medical bills and lost wages which are a combination for serious financial difficulty for a family.

Anesthesiologists must be careful to properly take care of their patients to avoid these harms.  Otherwise patients should be entitled to compensation for their injuries.  

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