Albany Medical Center Implants First Patient With Long-Term Heart Pump In Capital Region


So I recently posted about a world-wide medical breakthrough in Turkey with a triple limb transplant and a face transplant. Now I am discussing a regional breakthrough right here at Albany Medical Center.

According to a press release by Albany Medical Center publicized yesterday—January 25, 2012—heart surgeon Dr. Stuart Miller implanted the Capital Region’s first long-term heart pump into a patient. This is the same implanted device implanted into former Vice President Dick Cheney. Albany Medical Center said that the device, called the HeartMate II, is a mechanical heart pump that is incredibly sophisticated. It is a life-extending therapy for patients who are suffering from very serious and advanced stages of heart failure. In fact, this is used to treat end-stage heart failure because it is the only left ventricular assisted device approved by the FDA.

Basically, that means it pumps blood to the rest of the body when the heart can no longer do so. It attaches to the heart—it is not a replacement for the heart—and helps to push blood throughout the body. It so follows that this is an alternative to a heart transplant which costs more money and can take YEARS on the waiting lift.

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