All Eye Surgeries Are Dangerous


Many people with whom I am acquainted wear corrective lenses; eye glasses, contacts, or both.  Many of these same people disdain having to use such.  The goal of LASIK eye surgery is to relieve nearsighted and farsighted persons of the burdens associated with corrective lens use.

LASIK eye surgery is relatively simple and mostly pain free.  The patient’s eyes are numbed with drops and the eye cornea is reshaped.  This procedure allows the eye to focus properly upon the objects at which it looks.  Stitches are not needed, and there is no bandaging of the eyes.  In fact, the patient’s vision is immediately corrected, with improvements in sight occurring right after surgery and no long than 24 hours later.  Quite often, patients will no longer need to use their eye glasses or contact lenses.

Sounds like a glowing advancement in modern medicine!  But there is a dark side, as there is with many things.  Experienced medical malpractice attorneys in the Hudson Valley regions of New York know that LASIK eye surgery can and has gone wrong.  If you or a loved one has experienced a negative reaction to LASIK eye surgery, you may be able to receive compensation from the offending eye surgeon for the harms he or she caused.

The field of ophthalmology faces many different forms of medical malpractice litigation.  But around thirty percent of those claims involve negligent LASIK eye surgery.  The negligent act that leads to a LASIK patient’s injury can be traced to one or more of several sources.

For example, the medical professional may have made a preoperative mistake such as missing something that indicated LASIK was not proper for a specific patient.  Chronic dry eye or pupil size can indicate that a patient is not suitable for LASIK, yet eye surgeons have been known to perform the surgery anyway.  What we are talking about here is a failure to properly diagnose the patient.

A patient may be properly deemed suitable for LASIK surgery, but then the surgery could be performed negligently.  The laser could have been used negligently, an infection can develop, the eye can become inflamed, just to name a few.  Post operative care can be mismanaged as well.

The medical devices used of LASIK eye surgery have been known to fail and or to have been used improperly.  Even coordination between the medical professionals involved in the surgery is known to lead to medical negligence.

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