New York Medical Malpractice Causing Amputations

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

We know that medical malpractice can result in injuries such as cut nerves, muscle damage, scars, bone injuries, and other related mishaps. Really bad injuries can even result in the death of a patient, all due to the negligence of a healthcare provider. But one really bad injury we may not think about is an amputation caused by medical malpractice.

Amputation? Due to medical malpractice? How?!


Infections are very dangerous and very devastating. Left unchecked, they can be impossible to treat and destroy a person’s body. Even if they are treated, if the infection is drug resistant like many hospital infections are, antibiotics and treatment may be unresponsive. Very serious infections can result in sepsis, which is a blood poisoning. Then this happens the damage is real, and the treat to a patient’s life is serious.

A common cause of infection is from a perforated bowel. This is because the substances that can leak are pure bacteria and waste product which, inside of a patient’s body, can result in very serious infections that are very difficult to treat. These types of infections are deadly. When the perforation occurs and it is not detected, it is easily life threatening and almost a death sentence.

In fact, when an infection is left to fester due to medical malpractice, it can even turn gangrenous and very deadly. This can damage peripheral nerves such as those in the fingers and toes. If an infection is bad enough, it can affect the feet and hands, and even the legs and arms.

Don’t think this ever happens?

Just ask a young movant in her 30s who lost both her feet due to a gangrenous infection caused by a bowel perforation. According to news sources, she when in for a procedure where the doctor punctured her colon and did not notice it. She had a slow leak and very serious infections which ended up almost killing her before they were not diagnosed.