Anesthesia Mistakes Are Deadly And Dangerous: But Why?

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Anesthesia is a potent cocktail of not one, not two, but three drugs.  These drugs are powerful and take almost immediate effect.  One is to put you to sleep.  One is to make you feel no pain.  And the last is to make sure you don’t move, so it paralyzes you.

Most people do not realize that there are these three drugs.  But now you may be able to see why anesthesia mistakes can be so dangerous.  Any disproportionate amount given, too much or too little, or not paying attention to other drug interactions, can actually result in serious or devastating injuries.

Some common injuries associated with anesthesia mistakes are nerve injuries.  This can injure or damage the peripheral nerves, or smaller nerves in your far extremities such as your fingers and toes.  Damage here can easily be permanent can cause seriously debilitating injuries, including numbness and loss of movement.  This is true not just of nerves, but also the smaller blood vessels also extending outwards.  Because of the damage to nerves and blood vessels, this means that anesthesia mistakes can be very damaging.

Anesthesia mistakes can also be really damaging for other reasons.  For instance, anesthesia mistakes—particularly an overdose—can cause a very serious brain injury.  These can range from mild, such as just temporary, or permanent brain damage.  It can even result in victims going into a permanent, vegetative state.  Moreover, very serious anesthesia errors can obviously kill patients and result in wrongful death cases.