Nurse, Doctor, Anesthesiology Group Sued For Causing Brain Damage

Cases, Medical Malpractice Mistakes

An out-of-state patient is suing a nurse, doctor, and anesthesiology group for negligence after he suffered brain damage because of oxygen deprivation during a surgery. During the surgery, the team allowed him to remain hypotensive and bradycardic, which caused his brain damage. He is seeking damages for the medical malpractice negligence and for the oxygen deprivation.
The facts surrounding this case are very sparse, but nonetheless disturbing. If true, this would be very worrying for anyone undergoing a surgery requiring anesthesia. The fact that the nurse was sued also is just a litigation precaution to ensure the patient can take a recovery if, for example, the nurse was to be solely responsible for monitoring the patient for these specific harms. Even the doctor is not likely to be liable for the damage and, again, is likely a precaution. The deep pocket the patient wants to recover is the entire group of anesthesiologists because it is not one, but multiple physicians that the patient can all equally seeking recovery from. Whereas for the individual nurse and doctor, the amount awarded by the court can only be collected from either of them individually. Therefore, it is a tactical advantage to sue the larger group.
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