Arizona’s Governor Seek Medmal Cap: Arizona Votes Rejected This Several Times


According to news sources, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey now wants Congress to adopt medical malpractice caps to limit what medical malpractice victims can receive from a jury award.  This has been rejected several times by Arizona voters.  But unfortunately this is not stopping Governor Ducey from still seeking what is constituents don’t want.

This came in light of the failed “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act which was rejected today.  This was stopped in the Senate, with all Democrats and three Republicans voting no—including Arizona’s John McCain who said his constituents simply did not want to a repeal with nothing backing it.In recent times medical malpractice caps have been struck has unconstitutional.  Wisconsin’s received a big blow recently which brought back millions of dollars back to victims.  Other states had also have the constitutionality of medical malpractice caps attacked.

It is important to protect the rights of victims to ensure that they can have their day in court and get the maximum amount of compensation they deserve.  Why should hospitals and negligent doctors be able to limit what a victim can get?  A car accident defendant can’t, so why should negligent doctors?  And there are far more car accidents then medical malpractice cases.

Victims shouldn’t be harmed by limits like this.  Only 2.4% of all healthcare costs deal with medical malpractice and less then 1% are payouts to victims—the remaining is just defense which will always be there.