Baby Misdiagnosed As Stillborn; Chinese Hospital Disposes Of When Alive!

Birth Injury

Sometimes there are some health care/medical malpractice stories and news events that shock our conscious to our very soul, and I just think it is very important to report to everyone. This is one such case. Please note though, the baby IS alive now and in stable condition.

Health authorities in China are investigating a hospital medical team for misdiagnosing a baby born at the hospital as stillborn, and actually disposing of the baby when it was actually alive!

What happened was the mother, who was eight months pregnant, had been rushed to the hospital with internal bleeding and stomach cramps. In the emergency room, they had to give birth to the child immediately. However, the baby was not breathing or crying, and its skin began to turn purple. The medical team thought the baby was dead, and disposed of the child. However, when a family member wanted to see the baby’s body about half an hour after the delivery, the baby was found alive!

The body was placed in a plastic bag in a medical trash container. When the bag was opened, the baby’s hands and feet were moving, the baby was not breathing, and there were air bubbles percolating from the baby’s mouth.

THANKFULLY-the baby was rushed to intensive care and remains in stable condition! The parents, rightfully so, have already announced they will sue the hospital for this. And rightfully so. Apparently, the hospital failed to conduct the proper hospital protocols when it came to stillborn babies and aftercare. I have posted a few times how OB/GYNs are sued often, how those guidelines are based on opinion rather than actual evidence, and most pertinently here, how the guidelines are sometimes just ignored completely.

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