Bellevue Woman’s Hospital Merges With Ellis Hospital; Bellevue Saved From Closure


Five years ago, a state commission ordered Bellevue Woman’s Hospital to Close. But now, there is massive expansion going on and over 2,500 babies born there last year; the hospital is far from closure. That is because of the massive support that erupted when it was ordered to close, Ellis hospital included Bellevue in its own merger with another hospital in 2007.

Initially, Bellevue was still going to close and shift staff and resources into a ward of Ellis. However, inspections revealed that Bellevue was in good shape and repairs would be easy. Additionally, it turned out that expanding Ellis would cost an incredibly large amount of money whereas just fixing up Bellevue would cost significantly less.

Furthermore, what ended up happening was not just the renovation of Bellevue, but an expansion of them too! The new building will open by the end of 2012 and will include larger nurseries, nurses’ stations, and 28 private rooms.

Now here is a great thing for health care and, in turn, our wallets. Kudos to Ellis for properly accessing the situation and making a very cost-benefit but also PATIENT RESPONSIBLE decision. Bellevue hospital is known for having a special touch when delivering children. Ellis Medicine President James W. Connolly agrees and said that “Bellevue is seen by women as a very special place to get care . . . [w]e have been able to retain the best things Bellevue always provided and stood for, and been able to update the facility.” Additionally, making this decision is incredibly important to the patients and considering care of them above all else. Moreover, this has not only preserved the special care of Bellevue, but it also has saved the state a significant amount of money in just adding a renovation to Ellis without proper evaluation.

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