Birth Injuries Caused By Medical Malpractice: Avoidable But Unfortunately Occurring

Birth Injury

There are many different types of birth injuries, and all are equally horrible.  In fact, any injury to a newborn who is just starting his or her life is a tragedy.  These are the most vulnerable members of our society who 100% depend on our care to survive.  In turn, most parents 100% depend on a healthcare professional to help deliver and provide care to their newborn.  Unfortunately, birth injuries continue to occur and are commonly caused by medical malpractice which can be avoided.

Some common examples of birth injuries likely caused by medical malpractice include the following:

Brachial Palsy Injuries – The brachial plexus is a series of nerves which come off the vertebra at the neck and into the shoulder, down through the arm and to the fingers.  Between the spine and the shoulder, these nerves form one giant cable known as the brachial plexus.  This can be injured when a baby is pulled by the arm or shoulder during the birthing process.  The nerves can be stretched and injured.  The nerves can also be torn and irreparably damaged.

Cerebral Palsy – There are several different causes of cerebral palsy which can occur.  But the one commonly caused by medical malpractice is where the newborn’s brain is deprived of oxygen for too long during the birthing process.  This can be caused due to excessive pressure on the brain, a ruptured or twisted umbilical cord, or contractions too long compression the baby’s brain, chest, and the cord.  When this occurs, an emergency c-section must be performed.  However, if the provider tries to naturally deliver the baby during fetal distress, the baby will have brain damage resulting in cerebral palsy.

Facial Paralysis – During the birthing process, if the newborn’s face has too much pressure on it due to contractions or the manipulation of the healthcare provider to extract the baby, it may damage the fragile cranial nerves.  Frequently these types of injuries occur when the healthcare provider attempts to pull with forceps or a vacuum extraction the head of the baby for an extended period of time or with excessive pressure.  Permanently damaged nerves will never heal and can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Fractures – When a healthcare provider pulls too hard or mishandles the newborn, it can result in serious injuries include a fracture.  A newborn’s bones are softer and more flexible than an adult’s bones, and have one give, but twisting, torquing, or pulling excessively can easily crack, break, and shatter bones.  This can lead to a lifetime of injuries.