Birth Injury Quick Facts: New York Medical Malpractice Of Cerebral Palsy, Brachial Plexus, And Facial Paralysis Injuries

Birth Injury

Here is the third quick facts day of medical malpractice which focuses on birth injuries.  Birth injuries are the worst types of medical malpractice cases because they affect the injuries and rights of a baby who has not had a fair chance at life.  Birth injuries caused can be caused before birth, during the birthing process, and immediately after birth.

Cerebral Palsy – cerebral palsy is a serious medical condition which is very debilitating, permanent, and commonly caused by medical negligence.  It is where there is an oxygen deprivation during the birthing process of a newborn.  Cerebral palsy which is caused by medical malpractice include the following causes: umbilical rupture, fetal distress, intense and prolonged contractions, improper use of delivery tools like vacuums or forceps, and other causes.Brachial Plexus Injuries – brachial plexus injuries range from temporary pain to permanent and debilitating injury.  These injuries occur when the baby’s shoulder is put in a vulnerable position during the birthing process which results in the stretching of nerves which originate in the spine and continue through the shoulder and to the fingers.  When the stretching is so severe, these nerves can be completely torn away from the spine which results in a loss of sensation and motor movement.  The arm can be atrophied and weaker due to even minor brachial plexus injuries.

Facial Paralysis Injuries – as the label implies, facial paralysis injuries occur when the baby’s face is subject to serious and excessive pressure.  This pressure causes damage to the cranial nerves.  Damage to the cranial nerves can be permanent and seriously devastating.  They can result in loss of sensation and movement to a person’s face.

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