Brain Injuries Are Always Serious, Especially To Babies

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Any part of the body that becomes deprived of blood flow will immediately begin to show signs of distress.  Obviously this is because blood carries oxygen throughout the body and cells will die if deprived of oxygen for too long; just in a matter of minutes.  The brain is particularly fragile to lost blood flow.  This is because the brain controls the rest of the body.  Additionally, the brain is hardwired to receive preference in the receipt of blood flow, so when such is reduced, the brain will take more blood from other parts of the body that will in turn experience oxygen deprivation.

So what happens first?  Well, a traumatic event happens to the body that which causes lack of blood flow.  In terms of medical malpractice, this would be some form of negligence that caused the blood deprivation; a mistake, otherwise preventable, made by a treating medical professional.

Overmedication can cause blood deprivation to the brain.  Infections can as well.  Trauma during child birth and even shoulder dystocia can be causes too.  The list can go on and on, but the bottom line is that medical professionals have a duty to competently care for patients with treatment falling within the standards prescribed by the medical profession.  Many times, proper treatment can prevent the occurrences listed above.

What happens second?  Experienced Kingston medical malpractice attorneys know that improper patient care that which triggered a patient’s blood deprivation causes the patient serious injuries.

If the victim is a baby, the result could be cerebral palsy.  Impaired – seriously so – cognitive functioning.  This can be so severe that the patient will need long term care and even supportive living.  Vision and hearing can even be impaired.  Lung functioning can be negatively impacted.  Seizures can result.  Organs such as the liver, heart, and kidneys may become damaged.  And at the most extreme level, the patient can die.

In short, the victim will never be the same again.  He or she will have to relearn how to get through their day to day responsibilities.  Relationships with friends and family will drastically change.  The road to recovery – if recovery is possible at all – may require years of physical rehabilitation.

The injuries listed above can lead to extreme pain and suffering.  Costs of medical care will be astronomical.  Rehabilitation costs will mount.  Wages will be lost.  An entire career can be ruined.  All of these things can be claimed for compensation against the medical professional who caused the injury.

In conclusion, if the doctor owed you a duty of care, and a breach of that duty caused your injury, then your doctor can be held liable for your damages.

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