New York Medical Malpractice And Broken Tools Which Injury Patients During Surgeries


There are a lot of aspects of a surgery. The most important part of every surgery is the surgeon. The skill and training, the experience, and the ability to perform the necessary proceed. Other support staff, such as the assistant surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, and related staff are also very important. After all, these are the people who will be performing a patient’s surgery.

But another important component of a surgery to not be overlooked are the tools used to help perform the procedure. This includes many of the basic tools that you make thing of right away, such as the scalpel, scissors, and sutures. However, there are a lot of other tools that are important and used in a surgery. This includes other tools that help hold the incision open like a port, or that help close an incision like a staple, these tools are important too.

For more major procedures, tools like saws, drills, screwdrivers, and related tools are also very important. These tools have moving parts and may not be as easy to use. These tools are also used in a fashion which requires them to be used with force or pressure to get them to work, such as pressing and twisting a screwdriver. This can place stress on the tool and the apparatus being used, such as a screw, pin, or nail.

All of these moving parts and tools can cause damage to the tools. This damage could be discovered and repaired or replaced, or it can be missed and result in a serious accident. Thus, when a tool breaks during a medical procedure, it is very likely to be medical malpractice. This can be because the wrong tool was used, the tool was already damaged, the tool was used improperly such as with excessive force, or the surgeon did not know how to use the tool properly.

A tool that breaks during a surgery can result in serious injury. Think about it—if a screwdriver is being used to place a screw in a bone and the screwdriver breaks, the shaft could slip and slide along the bone damaging it, damaging flesh or tendons, hitting nerves or arteries, or even breaking off into a person’s body. This is very dangerous and this can cause serious damage. It is absolutely medical malpractice if this happens and can result in compensation for a victim.

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