Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Hires Medical Malpractice Prevalent Doctor To Increase Knee And Hip Replacements–More Victims Of Medmal Occur!

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum was hired by Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in 2008 for the purpose of increasing the hospital’s hip and knee replacements.  These are very expensive and lucrative procedures for any hospital.  Have an experienced physician was helpful to boost those numbers and bring in new providers, get more referrals, and have more attention and buzz about this department in the hospital.

The chief of surgery objected to hiring Dr. Kirschenbaum, but was not allowed to vet him or have  say.  The hospital just wanted to increase its money at the expense of hurting more patients.

Unfortunately, the other hospital staff did not care about Dr. Kirschenbaum’s past which has a lot of medical malpractice.  He had three medical malpractice settlements against him when he was hired, one being closed and two still pending.  In fact, he has ten medical malpractice lawsuits commenced against him and four of his patients have DIED since 2008.  In fact, in his first year there were four deaths for orthopedic surgeries which triggered complaints not only against him, but also to the hospitals and state officials.

But the hospital did nothing.  Took no action.  Did not restrict or place monitors on him.  Nothing.

More lawsuits were commenced.  And seven anonymous hospital staffers sent a letter to the state medical disciplinary panel about Dr. Kirschenbaum’s poor patient care.  Some examples of botched surgeries include a new replacement which would not move after the surgery—a joint that WOULD NOT MOVE!  Another case is a hip surgery that resulted in the patient’s legs being different lengths.  A knee replacement that caused a catastrophic infection.  Another botched knee surgery in 2001 which was settled for a quarter of a million dollars.

This is an example of a hospital that just wanted to earn more money by hiring a defunct surgeon.  This caused victims and hurt more people only to make more MONEY.

Greedy and profit driven, but not protecting patients’ right.