Cesarean Section Mistakes Leads To Lawsuit

Birth Injury

There are some circumstances where a doctor must deliver a baby by performing a cesarean section. A cesarean section is performed by making an incision in the abdominal and uterine walls. Since cesarean sections are considered major surgical processes doctors and their patients should give it serious consideration. If a cesarean section is negligently performed or if it the doctor was negligent in not performing a cesarean section then the doctor could be held liable for medical malpractice.

In 2004 there was a study by the Patient Safety Authority in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania which stated the number of fetal lacerations linked to cesarean sections. About twenty facilities, from small local hospitals to larger university medical centers, reported fetal lacerations. Of fetal lacerations, about 70% of were to the infant’s ear, head, and face, 20% where below the fetus’ waist on the ankles, legs, and buttocks, and 10% where on the fetus’ back. Generally these lacerations occur when the surgeon who is performing the procedure is inexperienced or if during the cesarean section mistakes are made in an emergency or if prior to the operation membranes are ruptured.

In late December last year an Illinois woman filed a birth injury lawsuit after birth injuries where allegedly suffered by her son after a cesarean section. The lawsuit was filed against the hospital and the attending physicians who oversaw her son’s delivery. She is seeking multiple damages for the injuries her son suffered.

In December 2004 the mother underwent a cesarean section to give birth to her son. Allegedly as a result of the surgery her son sustained a 1.5 cm laceration on his left temple. It required several stitches to close. The attending physicians are alleged to have been negligent in performing the cesarean section thereby causing unnecessary and significant harm to the infant. The medical center and its staff have also been accused of failing to exercise a degree of skill, care, and caution when it comes to the treatment of their patients.

There are usually safety protocols set up by hospitals to prevent injuries. There may be checklists for doctors to ensure that all the necessary precautions to prevent lacerations are made. Mistakes made during cesarean sections can have last consequences. Such consequences can include brain damage or cerebral palsy and can last a lifetime.

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