New York Medical Malpractice In Casting Broken Bones And Fractured Bones Improperly

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Breaking bones is no fun. We know that a fractured or broken bone will result in significant pain, swelling, and months of recovery. Commonly the recovery is in a cast, which is uncomfortable and even painful. Severe enough fractures can even result in surgeries to repair damage done and set the broken pieces in place properly.

When we go to a healthcare provider when we think there is a broken bone or fracture, we expect to get proper treatment. Usually this is by and through an emergency room doctor or an orthopedist. Sometimes other professionals may be involved, such as a neurologist for a spinal fractures or head fractures.

But there are some common mistakes made which result in medical malpractice for a broken bone. These include several mistakes which should never occur. Some common examples include the following:

Casting too tight cutting off circulation or causing nerve damage;
Casting improperly to not mend the bones properly;
Failing to adjust the broken or fractures pieces of bone before casting;
Failing to perform an open reduction surgery before casting;
Improperly performing an open reduction surgery;
Failing to cast with the proper material;
Misdiagnosing a fractured bone;
Wrong site casting;
Wrong patient casting;
Pressing too hard or manipulating the patient’s injured limb improperly;
Causing a spinal cord injury when improperly moving a patient with a neck or back fracture;
Compromising the spinal cord;
Damaging nerves, veins, or arteries with casting or an open reduction;
Infections from open reduction surgeries;
Infections from stitches for surgeries;
Rashes or irritation due to casting; and
Other similar injuries.

When a healthcare provider fails to properly cast a patient’s broken bones or fractures, it can result in prolonged recovery. In fact, if the mistake is not caught soon enough, the patient’s bones may begin to mend IMPROPERLY. This means that the doctor will actually have to manually re-break the bones to re-set them properly. That is right—BREAK THE BONES to re-set them! Another significant injury.

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