Check Your Doctors For Medical Malpractice Using New York’s Physician Lookup


Did you know that you can search any New York physician for medical malpractice?  Did you also know that it is free, easy to use, and instant?  Most people do not know this, but you can go to the New York Department of Health’s website for physician searches by clicking here.  With this website you can search any New York licensed physician by putting in their first and last name.

This website is important because you can see what specialities the physician has to ensure they are trained and board certified in what you are seeking treatment for.  You can also see the physician’s education, intern, and residency programs, as well as when the physician was admitted.

Most importantly, you can see if there have been any legal actions against the physician which has found medical malpractice.  The award will also state if it is higher, lower, or at the state-wide average for medical malpractice payouts.  This way you can assess whether the physician you want to treat with has had a very serious instance of medical malpractice against him or her.

The physician lookup also allows you to see what hospitals the physician has privileges in.  This is important if you want a procedure done and particularly like one hospital over another.  You can also see what insurances the physician accepts and who else is in the practice group.  You may want to opt to get physicians in a large practice group in case you have an emergency and need additional treatment after hours; the more available on call the more likely you will get taken care of.

This is a great tool and should be used for every new physician you go to see, especially one during a procedure or surgery.

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