Common Causes Of Hospital Medical Malpractice


There are many different types of medical malpractice which could be caused in a hospital. In fact, there are so many different types that it is rather impossible to even list every mechanism which could cause New York medical malpractice in a hospital. Isn’t that SCARY?!

But as with most possibilities, there are some general categories which reoccur and cause medical malpractice. These are broken down into groups which EVERYONE should know about, memorize, and be wary of if you, friends, or family are treated and hurt at a hospital. These include the following categories and questions you should ask:

Anesthesia Errors – Did you have complications with anesthesia? Get an attorney to check your medical record to determine whether the complications were due to a physician’s negligence.

Birth injuries – Was your infant born with birth defects, disabilities, and unexplained injuries? These could be the result of medical malpractice and avoidable! These could also be very preventable, and will result in permanent damage to a baby.

Surgical Errors – Was the wrong site operated on (i.e., the left hand instead of the right hand)? Did you have an unnecessary surgery for something not injured? Did you wake up with nerve damage or organ failure? These could be due to surgical malpractice and result in serious pain and suffering.

Medication Errors – Did you have a severe, adverse reaction to a medication prescribed to you? Were you given the wrong medication, or a medication that you were not needed to have? These could be due to hospital pharmacy errors which are also medical malpractice.

Pressure Sores – Did you or a loved one develop a pressure sore during a prolonged admission? These are NEVER events—when they happen, they should never have occurred. This can be medical malpractice.

Hospital Acquired Infections – Did you acquire an antibiotic and drug resistant infection while in a hospital? This could be a hospital acquired infection which can result in horrific injuries and even death. These are also caused by medical malpractice.

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