Common Causes Of Infections Resulting In Kingston Medical Malpractice


Infections are a very common condition which are usually treated very easily and without much trouble other than antibiotics.  Simple in fact.  But infections can be very dangerous when they are not recognized or treated property, and can even lead to amputation or wrongful death if the infection becomes septic.  Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from infections and know the signs of an infection, because even simple medical malpractice can result in the death of a patient.

Therefore, it is important that you know some of the common causes of hospital infections.  These include the following:

Surgical infections – obviously one of the largest causes of an infection is from a surgery because the surgery opens up a patient and exposes his or her body to bacteria which can fester into an infection.

IVs and Injections – like surgeries, infections can be caused by infections and IVs because these are needles that break the skin and therefore could allow bacteria to be transplanted inside.

Burn injuries – it is very common for burn injuries to result in infection because they are wounds that are open to begin with.  Any treatment of the wound can bring on bacteria, and just sitting there and exposing the wound to the air can result in serious injury.

Stitches and Lacerations – because lacerations also open up the skin, anytime there is a deep cut and stitches need to be given there is the chance for the needle, thread, and the healthcare provider’s hands to introduce bacteria to the cut to cause an infection.  This can result in very serious injury.