Common Causes Of Nerve Injuries Due To New York Medical Malpractice


There are many different causes of nerve injuries caused by New York medical malpractice. This could be accidental injuries, careless injuries, or downright grossly negligent injuries. No matter what, a victim may be entitled to compensation for his or her nerve injuries.

The first type of nerve injury that comes to mind from medical malpractice is a brachial plexus injury. This is typically a birth injury, wherein the baby is pulled, twisted, or yanked in such a manner from the arm which tears, ruptures, or pulls a nerve completely from the spine. This causes extensive damage and can easily be permanent. It effects motor nerves, meaning movement, and/or also sensation which could cause pins and needles, numbness, or complete loss of feeling.

Another type of nerve injury commonly though of in medical malpractice cases are wisdom tooth extractions. Particularly with the bottom jaw wisdom teeth, the roots are very close to the nerves. If the dentist pulls the tooth wrong, or pulls a tooth near the nerve, it can cause injuries to the nerve which result in injury. If the injury is not treated right away, it will almost certainly be permanent.

Another type of nerve injury is from nerve block injections or any pain injections. For instance, if a patient is undergoing a shoulder surgery, it is common practice for an anesthesiologist to inject a local anesthesia into the interscalene grove at the base of the neck. This will numb the entire arm while the patient is healing to help reduce pain. If the injection is not done properly, the needle can actually pierce the nerve and damage them. If untreated, it can be permanent.

Another type of nerve injury can occur in any surgery, and it is the placement of the patient. If the patient is not placed in a proper position, it can place undue stress on nerve which can be damaged. For instance, during a long surgery like a spinal fusion, if the arms are not in the proper position it can end up resulting in improper pressure and nerve damage. This can cause serious injury which can result in being permanent.

Finally, another no brainer type of nerve injury is when a surgeon accident cuts a nerve during a procedure. While there are a lot of precautions taken to avoid this, sometimes a surgeon will not pay attention or not find the proper anatomical landmarks to make the incision. This will result in a cut near the nerve which can damage it or even severe it. This is likely permanent and will result in horrible damage.

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