Common Misdiagnosed Conditions Which Are Caused By New York Medical Malpractice And Which Can Kill You!

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

When it comes to medical malpractice, a misdiagnosed condition is a very serious instance of negligence.  Most of the time this is because the condition takes several years to manifest itself, in which point when it does the victim cannot sue because of the statute of limitations.  This is why Lavern’s Law is such a big deal to extend the time to commence a lawsuit.  But other times a misdiagnosis means the condition is allowed to fester and cause permanent damages, including irreversible damage which can be fatal.

Here are some common types of conditions which are misdiagnosed and can cause very serious damages:

Cancer Misdiagnosis – it goes without saying that a cancer misdiagnosis is a very serious instance of medical malpractice.  All cancers need to be diagnosed early and treated aggressively.  When this does not happen, it is obviously very serious and life-threatening.

Heart Attack Misdiagnosis – it is obvious that a delay in treating a heart attack is fatal.  Misdiagnosing a heart attack is simply a quick way for a healthcare provider to cause a patient’s needless death.

Stroke Misdiagnosis – as a heart attack, when a stroke is misdiagnosed the longer it takes to treat the more damage that is done.  When clots like this, time is tissue.  This can result in permanent damage and death.

Pulmonary Embolism Misdiagnosis – when a PE is misdiagnosed, the longer it takes to repair the more tissue that is damaged.  While a PE has a lot of symptoms which are similar to other conditions, a trained medical provider will be able to identify the symptoms and quickly treat the patient.

Infection Misdiagnosed – when an infection is misdiagnosed, it is literally allowed to fester and multiply in a patient.  This causes the infection to become stronger and more difficult to treat.  It can even lead to sepsis, which is deadly.

Appendicitis Misdiagnosed – Appendicitis is actually a very dangerous condition, even though most people will consider it less-serious than the other conditions on this list.  However, it can result in a massive infection in the center of a person’s body and along his or her organs which is horribly dangerous.