New York Medical Malpractice Caused By Common Mistakes By Hospitals


There are many different types of New York medical malpractice which can result in serious, permanent, and even fatal consequences to victims. The majority of these types of mistakes can be made at hospitals and by hospital staffs. In fact, hospitals offer a wide-range of treatment which can cause literally almost any type of medical malpractice you may imagine. This ranges from the obvious like surgical mistakes, to the less commonly known like fall risks.

Broadly, the most common mistake made by hospitals which causes New York medical malpractice is simply a lack of communication or communication errors. This is the leading contributor for medical malpractice and can affect any claim in any location by any provider. Many studies have been conducted which find that proper communication can significantly decrease medical malpractice claims.

But as to common mistakes on a more specific level, there are several which cause hospital medical malpractice. These include the following:

  • Failure to diagnose – this includes serious condition such as heart attacks or strokes, but also more slowly developing health emergencies such as cancer or infections;
  • Infections – failing to guard against, detect, and treat infections is a major mistakes in hospitals and all too common;
  • Poor training or instructions – when employees are poorly trained or given instructions, they are set up to fail and cause mistakes;
  • Negligent hiring – when employees are hired improperly, such as those who are not qualified or competent to perform certain tasks, it can lead to serious errors;
  • Prescription errors – when the hospital pharmacy mixes up medications, give the wrong medication, confuses patients, or improperly makes medications, it can lead to serious injuries or death;
  • Wrong site or wrong patient surgeries – when healthcare teams mix up procedures or patients, it ends up resulting in unnecessary providers for multiple patients;
  • Foreign objects – when objects break off during surgeries or are left behind in a patient such as a surgical sponge, it may result in a serious infection including sepsis which is medical malpractice; and
  • Many other types of medical malpractice mistakes.

When hospitals make these types of common errors, it is generally medical malpractice and a serious instance of negligence under New York civil law. When these mistakes result in horrible injuries or death, victims need to seek compensation from the negligent hospital and healthcare providers immediately.

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