Kingston, New York Medical Malpractice Laywyer: Cosmetic Surgery Becoming Cheaper, Faster, Deadlier!


Health care critics are calling the spike in cosmetic surgery a dangerous commodity, and I for one agree! In the past, cosmetic surgeries required multiple and length consultations with plastic surgeons, diagnostic tests, and long cost-benefits analysis. Most often now consultations are not with a plastic surgeon but another staff member acting as a salesperson, procedures are rushed and typically done in small offices, and generally cost significantly less money than the “going rate” for the surgery actually should cost. Therefore, most of the centers do not sufficiently screen patients for complications or problems prior to the procedure, there is inadequate follow-ups conducted, and procedures are either unnecessary or will simply not get good results; something the staff may already knows! This is evidenced by a 77% increase in cosmetic procedures last year alone!

But what could be the risks? One individual from Florida underwent liposuction that was more than 50% cheaper than the next-cheapest alternative, but ended up in the hospital with severe pain in her leg and almost $50,000 in hospital bills-none which insurance will cover because it was elective surgery! Another individual underwent a speedy, cheap facelift but ended up with loose flaps of skin on her neck and even lopsided ears. In another liposuction case, an individual died from an embolism due to complications from the liposuction. While such embolisms are a risk and unavoidable in liposuction, the risks were unnecessarily increased because the procedure was not done in a hospital. Other noted deaths are from a pain medication overdose and a blood poisoning from a wound infection after the cosmetic surgery. In fact, there have been many cases of wound infections that have actually requires intensive care at the hospital, something patients who go to these cosmetic clinics likely wanted to avoid.

These are all clear instances of medical malpractice that is actionable! While some officials, including Governor Cuomo, have taken a stance against such facilities, there needs to be greater protections for patients. Stricter regulations need to be adopted and aggressively enforced to make sure such facilities do not cut corners on screening, treatment, and follow up checks on patients.

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