Dentist Destroys Child’s Teeth; Turns Out He Was Neither Licensed Nor A Dentist!

Dental Malpractice

I have stressed this time and time again: Always know who your operating physician is. Period. There have just been too many cases of fake doctors performing surgeries—generally in cosmetic surgery—that end up causing more harm than good to a patient. This case is similar.

After chipping her tooth, a child and her mother could not afford to get her tooth taken care of by a dentist. They had heard about another dentist as his home who could do it for significantly less, so they decided to do it. Not only did the fake dentist put the poor child through intense pain and suffering, but the fake dentist ended up grinding down her tooth so far that it ended up needing to be extracted.

Now, they knew what they were doing when they went to this back-door dentist. This is NEVER a good idea; there is a reason why he is not practicing medicine! Also investigate your health care providers and never got corners. Now the poor family must pay even more money to fix the child’s destroyed teeth.

I have said this before and I will say it again, your health does not have a price. This is why I am so opposed   to the tort reform and other measures which seek to limit the compensation available to injured parties. Sometimes, you just cannot buy back your health—just as this poor child will not be able to buy back her own natural teeth.