Do You Know When To Call A Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Most people do not think right away that we need to sue whenever something weird or wrong happens in daily life.  This is because most people think there is an explanation why something happens.  Most people also believe accidents happen and it might not be a big deal.  Most people are also scared, embarrassed, or otherwise uncomfortable with telling friends what happened at a doctor—especially if it was a private thing with the doctor.  And even fewer people feel comfortable telling a stranger-lawyer what happened.

Unfortunately, most people should go to a lawyer when they do not.  They really need to get legal advice when they don’t.  And many people have rights that need to be protected.

There are some signs which distinguished an accident or something that just happens versus medical malpractice where a victim’s rights might be affected.  These include some of the following:

  • When doctors or healthcare staff will not talk to you or answer your questions;
  • When your condition is worse then when you first walked in;
  • When the initiate time for recovery from a doctor is double or triple as long;
  • When you get referred to a specialist right away that you did not know you needed to go to;
  • When you are told that you need to go to a hospital for emergency treatment;
  • When you are told to NOT get a second opinion or go anywhere else;
  • When you are not allowed to see your medical records;
  • If you call and the receptionist immediately transfers you to a head nurse or office manager, you know your case has been marked; and
  • Many other causes.

If you think that your treatment has not been proper and there may be medical malpractice, make sure to call a lawyer for a free case evaluation.