Doctors Can Be Liable For Damages To A Victim’s Family

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

If a doctor causes medical malpractice which results in serious personal injuries to you, your family will be greatly affected.  They will have to take you to doctor’s appointments and to get medication.  They will have to help change your ice packs and bandages.  Many of the tasks you used to do to help around the house, such as cleaning, preparing food, driving people around, or other households tasks, will now have to be split amongst other people.  If you are really injured, you will not be able to do what you used to be able to do anymore.

This is why the law recognizes that your family may actually have a cause of action against the negligence healthcare providers.  This is because the laws recognizes that negligence reaches deeper than just to you, and it causes disruptions in the lives of others.  Because of this, the victim’s family can establish damages.

Some common damages are known as loss of services, loss of affection, and loss of consortium.  This includes the inability to perform household tasks, loss of the parental affection that one could give before being injured such as caring for young children, and loss of consortium which includes love and affection between spouse including spousal relations.  Injuries from medical malpractice can completely stop all of those interactions and are damages.

Shouldn’t doctors be liable to the family for the damages he or she causes due to his or her malpractice?