More Than 20% Of Doctors Think It Is Okay To Lie To A Patient About A Clinical Mistakes Causing Harm To A Patient

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

This should make you angry.  Not only do doctors and healthcare providers want you to not be able to recover as much money with medical malpractice caps.  And not only do they want Governor Cuomo to not sign Lavern’s Law to give victims even just the CHANCE to commence a lawsuit for a cancer misdiagnosis.  But doctors think it is perfectly acceptable to HIDE clinical mistakes that harm patients.

YES—Doctors surveyed said they thought it was ACCEPTABLE to hide clinical mistakes that harm patients!!!!Let that sink in for a moment.

Doctors want: to not allow you to sue them, and when you can they want to HIDE their mistakes, and when they can’t they want your damages LIMITED!

Where else in society is this allowed?  What other job allows this?  I know as a lawyer, I am ethically NOT ALLOWED to prohibit clients from suing me.  I am also ethically and statutorily NOT ALLOWED to hide my mistakes.  And I am ethically NOT ALLOWED to cap a victim’s damages against me.  The same is true for a police officer, or bank teller, construction worker/contractor—ALL PROFESSIONS.

So why do doctors think they are special?

According to the study, 7% of doctors said it was acceptable to hide clinical mistakes that harm a patient.  Another 14% said that they may or may not lie about clinical mistakes, depending on the situation.  Yes, the remaining percentage, about 78-79% said it is never okay to lie.  But why does about 21-22% of doctors think it is okay to hide mistakes?

Thank about that, one in five doctors will lie to your face about a mistake which harms you.  How many doctors have you seen or do you see?  Five or more?  That means one is lying to you.


Not only are doctors fighting to take away your rights, and not only do they want to make it harder to sue them, and to limit your recovery, but when you do break down their ivory tower they will just lie to you about their mistakes.  Oh, by the way these are supposed to be the “higher class” citizens of society, the affluent people making in the six-figures—some more than $300,000, $400k, $500k, or even more.  And they think they can lie to you.