Early Emergency Room Discharge Is New York Medical Malpractice And Serious Miscues


When we go to the emergency room, we likely are having some kind of medical emergency that we are uncomfortable with. For some people, it does take a certain amount of courage to agree to go to the emergency room for treatment. When we go, we are seeking both treatment and reassurance that we will be taken care of and healed properly. This not only heals us on a physical level, but also an emotional and cognitive level.

So when we are discharged rather quickly with minimal medical treatment, or discharged when we are still feeling not quite right or with questions as to our medical emergency, we can be left a little confused. We could have a lot of questions and simply not understand what is going on. We could not be healed. We could be unsure why we are being sent home after coming in for an emergency.

And if we are sent home from the emergency department and need to be readmitted, we could be much worse off than if we were properly treated the first time. This can be medical malpractice, and result in permanent disability or damage, significant injuries, and horrific pain and suffering to a victim.

A common example is a potential heart attack. When a patient believes he or she is having a heart attack and goes to the emergency room, he or she expects to be treated for the very serious medical condition. If the patient is thought to not be having a heart attack and sent home, when he or she is actually having a heart attack or just had a minor heart attack, this could be a recipe for the patient to have ANOTHER heart attack at home. This could be significantly stronger than the first heart attack and result in horrible injury or death.

Another example is stomach pain which is thought to just be gas, indigestion, or a begin pain. But this could be so many different medical emergencies, including appendicitis or an infection. In fact, many stomach or chest infections are commonly misdiagnosed as something else. This can result in the infection becoming uncontrolled or become septic, which can be a death sentence for even the healthiest and strongest of fighters.

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