EMS And Paramedic Medical Malpractice Can Caused Serious Personal Injuries Or Even Death!

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Any healthcare professional can be sued for medical malpractice. Most commonly we think of medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. But other healthcare professionals such as technicians can also be sued. The same is true for EMS and paramedics, who can also be liable for medical negligence in your care and treatment.

An EMS or paramedic is sometimes the first person to treat a patient. This can be either when the patient calls for an ambulance, or if EMS is dispatched to a sign following a serious accident such as a bad slip and fall or motor vehicle accident. Medical malpractice can occur when an EMS or paramedic make mistakes and can even be life threatening.

There are many different types of medical malpractice which can be caused by EMS and paramedics. This includes some of the following mistakes:

Failure to communicate with emergency room staff – As an ambulance is arriving at a hospital, it will radio in the patient with the vitals, as well as sometimes an initial impression. If a paramedic fails to take vitals or informs the emergency room staff of the wrong information, it can completely mislead the receiving staff. This can result in medical errors. A paramedic can also fail to inform the emergency room staff of other injuries that they know of from the seen of the accident, such as an injury or laceration to a non-visible area. Some emergency room staff may overlook this injury and it may cause serious harm to a victim.

Improper IV – a paramedic can place an IV line in a patient and is trained to do so. However, this can lead to several mistakes which can be medical malpractice. First, the IV line can be missed and the fluid being inserted into a patient can cause an injury to the surrounding flesh. This is especially true if a medication is injected into the flesh as opposed to the veins. Second, attempting an IV line at an improper place can end up causing serious injuries to structures such as nerves. Injuries to nerves can result in long term pain and serious personal injuries, including permanent disability and damage. This is medical malpractice.

Shouldn’t a paramedic or EMS be liable for mistakes? Absolutely! And the entire ambulance depot can also be liable for an mistakes that occur by the individual paramedics. The company is actual liable for the individual providers medical malpractice. That is only fair to the victims of medical malpractice!

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